About the Simulation

Diffuse! is designed to be a two dimensional simulation of any system that exhibits diffusion. The most elementary of these systems is most likely heat transfer and for that reason, Diffuse! is easily represented as a two dimensional simulation of heat spreading. The program, however, is general enough to be used to model any of a number of systems which are modeled by the diffusion equation.

Diffuse! allows the user to draw any number of rectangles and ellipses on a palette representing the boundaries of the system. Once the shapes are drawn, the user can manipulate the temperature (or other quantity) of each shape by right-clicking on it. This invokes the Shape Inspector which gives the user the option of changing the shape attributes or declaring the temperature to be constant, a polar function, or a rectangular function.

Diffuse! was created during the Spring semester of 1996 as a project for a physics independent study class. The development environment used was Borland Delphi, with strong reliance on Wolfgang Christianís Science Tools set of Delphi components.


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Physics 396

Davidson College, Davidson, NC, USA

April 5, 1996