About the Simulation

Psi Spectrum is a quantum physics program which solves the one dimensional time independent Schrodinger Wave Equation (SWE) for a given potential function in order to find the energies at which a particle can exist within a given potential well. The program uses the Fourth Order Runge-Kutta method to solve SWE for a given energy and a binary sort known as the Shooting Method to find the energies at which the SWE boundary conditions are satisfied.

Once Psi Spectrum has solved the SWE for a number of potential functions, the transition energy spectrum and the transition matrix can be calculated from the eigenstates using the convention <A|x|B> where A and B are two solutions of the SWE and x is the position along the x-axis.

Psi Spectrum uses a convenient Multiple Document Interface to allow for a maximum amount of data to be viewed at one time. The following image gives an example of a typical Psi Spectrum screen.