Calculating Eigenvalues for a Potential Function

The process of calculating eigenvalues begins by creating a new graph. From the ‘Graph’ menu, choose ‘New Graph’ and give the graph a name. The default potential function is a finite square well, however several other functions are available from the ‘Potential’ menu. Choose a desired pre-defined potential, enter a potential function in the parser, or draw your own potential directly on the graph.

Once you have created a potential function, specify a number of energy levels in the spin-edit box below the main menu and then press the ‘Evaluate’ button. The simulation will then calculate the energy levels for the given potential.


Adjacent Square Wells

center width=1; center height=6

After calculation is complete, the discrete values of the energy levels can be viewed by right-clicking on the graph and selecting “Show Eigenvalues” from the pop-up menu.