Button Bar Commands

00000003.gif New- Resets all program variables, including initial conditions to their default program settings. These settings should be identical to the program conditions from when the program was first run.

00000004.gif Open- Allows the user to open a previously saved configuration file. These files should be saved with the default extension *.scc.

00000005.gif Save- Allows the user to save the current program configuration in order to revisit the system at a later session.

00000006.gif Start- Enables the simulation’s timer which begins execution of the simulation.

00000007.gif Stop- Disables the simulation’s timer which stops execution of the simulation.

00000008.gif Reset- Resets the particle’s positions and velocities according to those specified in simulation parameters dialog.

00000009.gif Slower- Slows the simulation’s timer which slows execution of the simulation.

00000010.gif Faster- Speeds the simulation’s timer which speeds execution of the simulation.

00000011.gif Fast Forward- Quickly takes data for 100 points and plots it on the screen.

00000012.gif Parameters- Opens the simulation parameters dialog which allows the user to specify the system’s conditions, including the initial position and velocity of each particle.

00000013.gif Help- Opens this here text file!

00000014.gif About- Views the ‘About Spring Chain’ dialog box.