Hidden Commands

Invoking the ‘Graph Inspector’- right-clicking on either the position vs. time graph or the velocity vs. position graph invokes the ‘Graph Inspector’ where the user can view or manipulate the data associated with each graph. The ‘Graph Inspector’ includes the ability to export data to a spreadsheet and change series representation on the screen.

Resizing the Y-Axis on the Animation Graph- right-clicking on the bottom ‘animation graph’ shows a dialog box that allows the user to rescale the y-axis in order to view points that extend beyond the scope of the y-axis.

Positioning Masses with the Mouse- particles on the animation graph can be repositioned by dragging them with the left mouse button to a new position on the graph. When the graph is in a reset-state (the simulation has not been run since the last reset), repositioning particles will also change their initial position conditions on the simulation parameters dialog.

Point and Click Fourier Analysis- positioning the mouse on the position vs. time graph and left clicking will automatically stop the simulation and execute a fast Fourier transform of the data in the graph.