"Isn't it a shame that modern technology has reduced our identities to a few short pages of HTML code that must be interpreted (or misinterpreted) by a beta issue web browser, only for some distant viewer to decide he's made a wrong turn on his path toward technological enlightenment?"

For those of you who have just stumbled across this page without any idea of where you were headed, my name is Doug Neumann. I am a junior here at Davidson College where I plan on majoring in engineering. Of course, that's a bit difficult at an entirely liberal arts college, but I think I've gotten that part worked out.

Anyway, when I'm not here at school, I live in Denver, CO. Actually, I'm not much of a Coloradoan because my parents just moved there this past summer and I've only spent a week of my short life there. I usually claim as my home the small town of Houston, TX, home of the Houston Rockets, the Tennessee Oilers, and the Washington Astros. I'm sure you've met Texans before and were appalled at their intense state (national?) pride, so I won't annoy you with that here. This does not mean, though, that I am any less obnoxious regarding Texas than my state-mates.

In my free time I enjoy sky diving, car racing, touring Egyptian pyramids, and lying about what I do in my free time.

I'm slowly getting around to linking this page to a few of my more favorite places here on the web, but this seems to be a slow process. It's all for fun right now, so I can afford to take my time. Please excuse the experimental feel of this page, but that's exactly what it is. One of those, "let's see what we can do with this new toy" projects. Perhaps you can relate.

Places to go, people to see, things to do. . .

Douglas T. Neumann
P.O. Box 2518
Davidson, NC 28036
tel: 704/896-6072
e-mail: dougn@phyhost.davidson.edu