DataGraph Physlet requires a Java 1.1 capable browser with JavaScript to Java scripting capability. DataGraph is free for non-commercial educational use as outlined in the conditions of use.  Although most Physlets can be used in interactive mode, they are designed to communicates with the HTML page using a scripting language such as JavaScript. Please see the demo pages below.

You can right click inside the graph at any time to copy the graph and all its data into a freestanding applet.

Note:  Analytic functions do not rescale the graph since the domain of the x variable can be infinite.  The scale of an analytic function is determined by the current range of the graph unless the setFunctionRange( id, xmin, xmax,numpts ) method has been invoked after the function has been created.   This type of customization can only be accomplished using script..

See the Documentation archive for all version 4 Physlets.

DataGraph is designed to display both  data sets and analytic functions.   This applet implements a new Physlet feature, known as the SDataListener interface, that allows for inter-applet communication.   The SDataListener interface can be used to collect data from other Physlets that implement a SDataSource interface.  Please refer to the sample scripts to see how this feature can been implemented.

Sample Scripts


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