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DataGraph is a useful tool for evaluating parsed functions for use in other Physlets.   Enter the function and the domain and see if the function evaluates correctly.   The y axis will autoscale.

The parser understands the following functions f(a):

abs(a)    sin(a)    cos(a)     tan(a)    ln(a)    log(a)     int(a)    frac(a)
asin(a)    acos(a)    atan(a)    sinh(a)     cosh(a)    tanh(a)    asinh (a)    
acosh(a)    atanh(a)    ceil(a)    floor(a)     round(a)    exp(a)    sqr(a)    
sqrt(a)     sign(a)    step(a)     random(a)

The parser can also evaluate the following functions f(a,b):

min(a,b)    max(a,b)    mod(a,b)     atan2(a,b)

Try the following for effect:

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