Class Accumulator

All Implemented Interfaces:
javax.accessibility.Accessible, java.awt.image.ImageObserver, java.awt.MenuContainer,,,

public class Accumulator
extends SApplet

The Accumulator Physlet stores datum consisting of (x,y) pairs to produce a data set. The number of datum that will be saved can be set using the NumPts embedding parameters. When NumPts have been received from a data connection using the addDatum method. The accumulated data is passed to all data listeners as a single data set using the listener's addData method. If the autoReplaceData flag is set to true, no furhter action is taken untill another data set of NumPts is available. If autoReplace false is set to false, data will be sent whenever a new datum is received. The oldest data will be dropped and new data will be added to the end of the data set after NumPts have been received. This feature can be used to produce a strip chart if the a data connection send the resulting data to a DataGraph.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addData( s, int id, double[] x, double[] y)
          Data listener method.
 void addDatum( s, int id, double x, double y)
          Data listener method.
 void clearSeries(int id)
          Set all bins to zero if autoReplace flag is true.
 void deleteSeries(int id)
          Set all bins to zero.
 java.lang.String getAppletInfo()
 SApplet getOwner()
          Data source method.
 java.lang.String getParameter(java.lang.String key, java.lang.String def)
 java.lang.String[][] getParameterInfo()
 double[][] getVariables()
          Data source method.
 java.lang.String[] getVarStrings()
          Data source method.
 void init()
 void reset()
          Reset the initial state.
 void setAutoReplaceData(int id, boolean replace)
          Controls the clear function so that data will either replace or add to the histogram when the addData method is called.
 void setNumPts(int n)
          Set the number of points in the data set.
 void setOwner(SApplet owner)
          Data source method.
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Constructor Detail


public Accumulator()
Method Detail


public void addData( s,
                    int id,
                    double[] x,
                    double[] y)
Data listener method. DO NOT SCRIPT.
Specified by:
addData in interface


public void addDatum( s,
                     int id,
                     double x,
                     double y)
Data listener method. DO NOT SCRIPT.
Specified by:
addDatum in interface


public void clearSeries(int id)
Set all bins to zero if autoReplace flag is true.
Specified by:
clearSeries in interface


public void deleteSeries(int id)
Set all bins to zero.
Specified by:
deleteSeries in interface


public java.lang.String getAppletInfo()
getAppletInfo in class java.applet.Applet


public SApplet getOwner()
Data source method. DO NOT SCRIPT.
Specified by:
getOwner in interface


public java.lang.String getParameter(java.lang.String key,
                                     java.lang.String def)


public java.lang.String[][] getParameterInfo()
getParameterInfo in class java.applet.Applet


public double[][] getVariables()
Data source method. DO NOT SCRIPT.
Specified by:
getVariables in interface


public java.lang.String[] getVarStrings()
Data source method. DO NOT SCRIPT.
Specified by:
getVarStrings in interface


public void init()
init in class java.applet.Applet


public void reset()
Reset the initial state. Set all bins to zero.
reset in class SApplet


public void setAutoReplaceData(int id,
                               boolean replace)
Controls the clear function so that data will either replace or add to the histogram when the addData method is called. Whenver a data source sends a complete data set, the histogram can either clear the bins or add the new data to the exisiting data. The default if for all the data in the bins to be replaced. Set this flag to true in order to keep the old data and add the new data. Note: Data sources that supply only a single datum add this datum to existing data. Use the deleteSeries method to clear exisitng data if the autoReplaceData flag has ben set to false.
replace - set to true to replace existing data. set to false to add to existing data.


public void setNumPts(int n)
Set the number of points in the data set.


public void setOwner(SApplet owner)
Data source method. DO NOT SCRIPT.
Specified by:
setOwner in interface

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