Circuits v4 contains 5 Physlets designed to solve the most common AC and DC circuit problems.  In addition to the usual RC and LRC simulations,  there is an applet to plot non-linear I vs V response and an applet to plot frequency response.

Circuits is free for non-commercial educational use as outlined in the conditions of use.  Although most Physlets can be used in interactive mode, they are designed to communicates with the HTML page using a scripting language such as JavaScript. Please see the demo pages below.

These Physlets requires a Java 1.1 capable browser with JavaScript to Java scripting capability.

What's new?

Version 4 uses the STools4 package in order to support inter-applet communication.  The circuit components that can act as data sources are listed on the examples page for each applet.

The setDefault method no longer takes the schematic cell size as a parameter.  Use setDefault() followed by setPixPerCell(int).

Please refer to the script examples or investigate with the applet that is embedded in the top of this page.


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