Faraday Physlet v4.0 requires a Java 1.1 capable browser with JavaScript to Java scripting capability.  It is free for non-commercial educational use. Although it may be used in interactive mode, it is designed to communicates with the HTML page using a scripting language such as JavaScript. Please see the demo pages below.

This applet simulates a common physics "gedanken" experiment.  A wire placed in a magnetic field.  The student is asked to calculate the flux and voltage if the field changes or the wire moves.  (It is usually not a good idea have both types of changes occurring simultaneously.)

Please refer to the script examples or explore the capabilities of Faraday using the applet that is embedded in the top of this page.  The default circuit is the classic "U shaped" wire with one movable side.  The following examples use this default circuit.

New Features in Version 4.0

Circles and boxes can now be created and dragged through the field.  Use setDefault() to erase the default circuit followed by addObject( name, parameters) add these objects.  Circles, rectangles, shells, and boxes are data sources that return the variables t, x, y, flux, and v.

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