More Physlet Sites

Links to non-Davidson Physlet curricular material.


Boston University (Andrew Duffy)

Francis Marion University (Michael Jay Schillaci)

Houston Metropolitan Association for Teachers of Science   (John M. Clement)

Indiana University Southeast (Kyle Forinash)

Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis  (Andy Gavrin and Gregor Novak)

Loyola College (Randy Jones)

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (Loren Winders)

UCLA ePhysics (Mark Cowan)  This site contains Physlet-based material and material that uses other applets.

United States Air Force Academy I (Evelyn Patterson)

University of Maryland (E.F. Redish, R.N. Steinberg, M.C. Wittmann)

University of Michigan-Dearborn (Paul Zitzewitz)

University of New Orleans (Jack Sullivan)

University of North Carolina at Ashville (Chuck Bennett)

Randolph Macon College (Peter Sheldon)


University of Calgary  (Alfredo Louro)

University of Kaiserslautern (Frank Schweickert)

University of Augsburg (Ulrich Seifert and Christian Pfeifer)

Physique et Graffiti (Jean-Marc von Siebenthal)

I.E.S. Fco. Giner de los Ríos, Madrid  (Carlos Palacios)

Tønder Gymnasium Click on Eksperimenter link.

Multimedia Physik (P. Krahmer)

University of the West Indies (UWI)

Foreign Language Translations




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