Phy 120 PreLab 1

Exercise A

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Click the Mean button to calculate the mean.

The simulation above represents 20 marbles dropped 5 at a time onto a board with pegs, a Galton board.  You are attempting to find the position at which the balls are released but you can only measure the average distance of the balls after they have made it though the pegs. Each time the marble hits a peg, it has an equal chance of bouncing to the left or to the right. At any time you can measure the mean, i.e. average, value of the position of the marbles that have made it through the pegs.  The simulation will stop after all 20 marbles have landed but you may repeat the experiment as many times as you wish.  Then answer these questions in the response form below:

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Exercise B

Before coming to the laboratory, satisfy yourself that you can perform the kinds of calculations illustrated in Statistics: Theory by finding the mean, standard deviation and standard error in the following set of measurements of the width of a table top:

x1=1.63 m x2=1.65 m x3=1.61 m x4=1.59 m

If you own a pocket calculator which will automatically compute the mean and standard deviation of a set of numbers, you may want to check the results of your detailed calculations with those yielded by the calculator's internal program.

Answer in the form below: