{Defined in UNIT SMatPlot.PAS}


The Science Tools Matrix Plot, SMatPlot, object is designed to allow the rendering of matrix data on the screen in various representations such as Three-D surface plots and contour plots. Unlike the SGraph object which allocates memory whenever you call a RegisterDatum method, you must specify the size of your matrix before you use the SMatPlot object. This is because of the large amount of memory required to store a matrix of double precision numbers, i.e. a 25x25 matrix requires 25x25x8=5,000 memory locations. Rendering an image of this matrix on the screen requires hundreds of thousands of calculations. A further complication is that Windows 3.11-- and Delphi version 1 which is a Windows 3.11 application-- have an absolute 64K limit for the amount of memory that can be allocated to any single array. Even though this last restriction is removed with 32 bit development programs such as Delphi 2, you should keep your matrices as small as possible to increase the speed of your applications.

Browse the Pascal interface code for the SMatPlot Class. If you see a method, i.e., function or procedure, in the that looks like it might be useful, you should look it up in the Science Tools Help File to locate additional information such as sample code that uses the methods.