MatPlot Paint

Procedure Paint; override;

Procedure PaintContour(Canvas:TCanvas);

Procedure PaintChecker(Canvas:TCanvas);

Procedure Paint3D(Canvas:TCanvas);

Procedure PaintScatter(Canvas:TCanvas);

{Defined in UNIT SMatPlot.PAS}

These functions are used to render the matrix plot on a canvas. You usually do not call the Paint method directly. Call the Delphi invalidate method if you want to repaint the plot on the screen. The Windows operating system will call paint when it has time and only if it appropriate, i.e., only if the SMatPlot is not covered up my another Window and is visible on the screen.

You may have reason to call the paint routines that take a canvas parameter if you want to make a bitmap drawing of the matrix. Create the bitmap first and then send the bitmapís canvas to the appropriate paint procedure.