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FieldApp was written for Microsoft Windows, Version 3.1, with Borland Pascal for Windows, Version 7.0. It simulates a quantized electromagnetic field inside a reservoir of variable temperature and Q. The executable file is FieldApp.exe. It has the same hardware requirements as BlochApp.

FieldApp was constructed with the same utilities as BlochApp. The menu structure is similar and the graphs have the same properties including an internal menu, a scale dialog box, and the ability to clone itself. FieldApp also has a main menu, sliders, and buttons as the central control objects.

Figure: Opening Screen for FieldApp

FieldApp's opening screen is shown in Figure gif. The main menu's File and Help items have the same options as BlochApp. The speed item has the same purpose as in BlochApp. The central difference lies under the Parameters item; it allows the user to change the state of the quantum field and also the number of field states. The Numerical item controls various numerical parameters which control the simulation's algorithm.

The two sliders at the bottom of FieldApp control the temperature of the reservoir and the damping inside the cavity via . The text readout above these sliders registers the evolution time. The buttons again control the run state of the program.

FieldApp has three internal windows. The upper window displays the probabilities of the field states. The lower left and right window are analysis windows which have the same options. Two of these windows have been included because of the large number of analysis options which FieldApp offers. Analysis options are selected by clicking on the graph with the right mouse button.

Andy Antonelli
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