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Photon Statistics Visualized

In the theory section of this chapter, the photon statistics for four types of radiation were discussed. The most basic problem that FieldApp can attack is the visualization of these statistics. The field window displays the diagonal terms of the density matrix which correspond to the probabilities of the field states. Their shape is indicative of the field's statistics.

Figure: Fock State, n=1; Thermal State, = 1; Coherent State, ; and Coherent Squeezed State, and r = 1

The physical shapes of these distributions seen in Figure gif can be enlightening in and of themselves; however, the statistics are characterized by the averages and variances of photon number, position, and momentum, not by their shape. FieldApp allows the user to plot each of these variables in its two analysis windows under Analysis Type and in Averages and Variances.

As a way for the user to become acquainted with FieldApp and the character of different photon statistics, set equal to zero, i.e., give the cavity an infinite Q. In this situation, the initialized photon statistics do not decay. Setup each of the four possible radiation sources with various initial conditions. Verify that <N>, <p>, <q>, , , and behave as stated in the theory section.

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