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JCApp and QEDapp were written for Microsoft Windows, Version 3.1, with Borland Pascal for Windows, Version 7.0. JCapp simulates the Jaynes--Cummings model of a quantized electromagnetic field interacting with a two--state atom in the upper state. QEDapp utilizes a fully quantized model to simulate a two--state atom interacting with a two--state field. The executable files are JCApp.exe and QEDapp.exe respectively. They have the same hardware requirements as BlochApp and FieldApp.

JCApp and QEDapp were constructed with the same utilities as BlochApp and FieldApp. The menu structure is similar and the graphs have the same properties including an internal menu, a scale dialog box, and the ability to clone themselves. Both have a main menu, sliders, and buttons as the central control objects.

Andy Antonelli
Wed May 17 14:34:24 EDT 1995