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This text has attempted to delve into all aspects of atom--field interactions. Models have been discussed from the classical to the quantum mechanical. Identifying when to use a given model is as important as the models themselves. Hopefully this text has shed some light on these conditions.

This text is by no means complete. A plethora of other topics could be analyzed and discussed. The semiclassical model excluded all inhomogeneous effects which are interesting and important in their own right. The topic of coherence was barely breached in this text, and its importance is profound to the study of quantum optics.

The next obvious step in the progression of this work would be to damp the quantum field interacting with the atom in JCApp and also to increase the number of field states in QEDApp. The former project is possible on a PC of reasonable power. However, the theory is not well understood and would require a bit of work. The latter problem is straightforward but requires a machine more powerful than the average PC.

All in all this text hopefully has bestowed a basic understanding of atom--field interactions of various types as well as an introduction to the world of quantum field theory.

Andy Antonelli
Wed May 17 14:34:24 EDT 1995