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Investigation of Crystal Stability in Region B

The low coupling parameters and large radial micromotion oscillations (Fig. gif) suggest that crystals in region B are unstable in the absence of damping. Indeed, in all simulations, crystals in stability region B promptly melted when damping was removed. Melted crystals underwent a rapid gain in kinetic energy as they passed through the heating phase (see Fig. gif, file 8crBMelt.trp). The kinetic energy stabilized when the particles reached the high-energy Mathieu regime. In region B, the temperatures corresponding to the relatively uncorrelated trajectories of melted crystals--- i.e., the Mathieu regime--- were sometimes extremely high. For example, the configuration of 8crBMelt.trp has a temperature of K after equilibration in the Mathieu regime.gif

Wolfgang Christian
Fri May 12 10:36:01 EDT 1995