A Plot of Laser Poser vs. Cavity Length was generated to prove the theoretical prediction of the stability condition: 0.6 > L > 0

Intensity Plots of different transverse modes were generated using a detector and a voltmeter. These plots were compared to the theoretical spacial mode distributions for each mode.

The mirror separation for each of three cavity lengths was successfully calculated by measuring the frequency difference between adjacent modes and using the formula: v2 - v1 = c/2L

Several sets of transverse modes were produced by opening a circular aperture. Graphs of the modes were produced. Each mode was attempted to be identified by calculating its eigenfrequency using the equation for vplm, but this was unsuccessful.

Transverse modes were produced using a strand of human hair and a thin glass slide and photographed using a vidoe camera. These images were compared to theoretical representations of the spacial mode distributions comptued using Mathematica.

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