BField Physlet v1.0  requires a Java 1.1 capable browser with JavaScript to Java scripting capability. BField is free for non-commercial educational use as outlined in the conditions of use.  Although most Physlets can be used in interactive mode, they are designed to communicates with the HTML page using a scripting language such as JavaScript. Please see the demo pages below.

BField allows users to simulate the magnetic fields produced by long straight wires or by circular loops.  In addition, an external magnetic field may be applied.

Refer to the script examples to see how this applet can be used to create interactive physics problems.

Public Methods Accessible from JavaScript.


Due to the different geometries involved in the calculations, BField simulates either long straight wires or loops, but not both.

Forces between loops are not calculated.

Field lines may cross and give other non-physical behavior if the curvature of the field is too great.  This occurs most often when coils in close proximity have opposing N and S poles.

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