Capacitive Reactance


time step (dt):
calculations per time step (noc):

The time step determines the time between data points in the graph.  This time step is broken into smaller integration intervals by specifying the calculations per time step parameter, noc.

The frames per second, fps, parameter determines how often a calculation is performed in real time.  Most  computers produce smooth animation if this value is set to 10.  The simulation will advance the interval animation time by dt*(noc) whenever a new frame is calculated.

The number of calculations, noc, is used to pre-calculate an entire data set.


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You must use a backslash to escape the comma whenever a function requires two parameters.  This is necessary because the script uses a comma to separate parameters but in this case the comma is part of the function definition.  Without the backslash the comma would be interpreted as the beginning of a new parameter in the parameter list.  With the backslash the comma is passed as part of the function string.