Interaktive Bildschirm-Experimente
Cathode rays in electric field.

Note: Click-drag the mouse from left to right inside the image to change the voltage.

Interaktive Bildschirm-Experimente (Interactive Video-screen Experiments) were developed at the Technical University of Berlin.  They display actual physics experiments using virtual reality technologies that enable the user to reproduce the experiment on the computer monitor.

A small sample of the available IBEs are reproduced here in conjunction with a corresponding Physlet simulation.  

Note:  These examples require the installation of QuickTime VR as well as a Java 1.1 compliant browser.  Click-drag on the cup at the top of the screen to see if QuickTime has been installed properly.

For more information about IBEs contact:

Dr. Juergen Kirstein
Institut fuer Fachdidaktik Physik und Lehrerbildung (IFPL) im Fachbereich Physik
Technische Universitaet Berlin
D 10623 Berlin, Germany