Change Plot Modes:  ThreeD | Contour | Density

In ThreeD mode you can click-drag to change perspective and shift-click-drag to zoom.

Surface Plotter, SPlotter,  requires a Java 1.1 enabled browser that allows JavaScript to applet communication.

SPlotter is based on the Surface Plotter applet written by Yanto Suryono  It was modified to work with Physlets by  Wolfgang Christian. The Physlet version may be distributed as outlined in the conditions of use.  Please contact Yanto Suryono for all other permissions.

A new method called set(int, String, String) is used to change display properties.

Almost all Physlets support one or more set methods designed to change an objects properties. 

document.physletname.set(int id, String property, String parameters)  

For example, EField, Poisson and SPlotter use the set method to

document.physletname.set ("scale", "xmin=-2, xmax=2,ymin=-2,ymax=2");

The new method is very forgiving since not all parameters need be specified. The current values are overridden only if they appear in the parameter list.   Incorrect or unsupported parameters have no effect and are ignored.