Physlets for Quantum Mechanics


Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian

web materials in support of the paper of the same name in

Computing in Science and Engineering January/February 2003

The following examples are discussed in the CiSE paper.  You can view them by selecting the links.

  Finite Wells: Change Width (Figure 1)

 Acceleration and Tension (Figure 2)

Ramped Well Wave Function (Figure 4)

Ramped Finite Wells (Figure 5)

Time Evolution (Figure 6)

Time Evolution and Superposition (Figure 7)

EM Wave (Figure 8)

QM Plane Wave and Barrier (Figure 9)


A sampling of other Physlet-based quantum mechanics material is below.  A set of class-tested materials suitable for Just-in-Time Teaching can be found HERE.  A full set of quantum mechanics materials will be available as Physlet Quantum Mechanics from Prentice Hall in January of 2005.


Classical/Quantum Particle in a Harmonic Oscillator   

Superposition of States with Expectation Values

Creating Periodic Potentials

Unknown Potential Energy Barriers

2d Infinite Square Well States

Hydrogenic Wave Functions


Solutions and Instructor Guide for these exercises is available by e-mailing Mario Belloni ( 


If you are interested in obtaining more Physlet-based problems, questions and demonstrations there are several sources.  These sources are all linked off the main Physlet website.

Physlet Physics - Physlet Physics contains a CD of over 800 ready to run exercises covering all topics in introductory-level physics.  The Physlet-based material can be accessed by students without having to install the files on a computer eliminating many technical difficulties.  Physlet Physics represents the latest curricular developments.  It will be available from Prentice Hall in the Summer of 2003.  If you are interested in being a beta tester for the project contact Wolfgang Christian. (

The Physlets book - The Physlets book is published by Prentice Hall and contains hundreds of problems and questions covering most of introductory level physics.  The book also provides details on the technical aspects of Physlets and gives an introduction to the process of scripting (writing) your own problems.  You can access the problems contained on the CD that accompanies the book on the Physlets book website.

The Physlet Resource site - This site contains numerous problems and questions written by Davidson College and non-Davidson College faculty.  It is updated twice a year to reflect our most recent AAPT workshop.

AAPT Workshops - Come to one of our workshops at the American Association of Physics Teachers Meeting.  Workshop participants will receive additional curriculum.

Textbooks - Physlet Problems are available on the following Prentice Hall Companion Websites. Physics: Principles with Applications by Douglas Giancoli and Physics for Scientists and Engineer by Douglas Giancoli.


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