Lesson 26
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1) Suppose a 10 kg ball makes a one dimensional collision with a 5 kg ball. Think about what could happen to the velocity of the 5 kg ball as a result of the collision. Could it remain unchanged? Could it increase? Could it decrease? Is it possible for both balls to end up traveling in the same direction after the collision? For each result you think could happen, please briefly explain why and offer an example of starting conditions that would cause that result. If you think a certain result couldn't happen, please also briefly explain why.

(In-class Physlet activity)

2) When a passenger car collides head-on with a large 18-wheeler tractor trailer truck, the result can be catastrophic. Although the facts are rather grim, the analysis may well be eye-opening. Assuming a head-on highway collision in which the car and the truck stick together following the collision, estimate the changes in velocity by (a) the truck and (b) the car. (As usual, please state any of your assumptions and briefly explain how you arrive at your answers.)

3) A 500 g piece of clay hits a stone at 80 m/s and sticks to it. The clay momentum must change by

  1. 80 Ns
  2. 40 Ns
  3. Neither A nor B
  4. More data are needed to answer.

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