Lesson 18
Ampere's Law
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For this preflight you will need to open an interactive window called a physlet. Please do so before you start the questions.

In the physlet window insert a current into the page. Observe the magnetic field it produces.
Now add a current out of the page. It should look like the image on the right.
Estimate the value of the line integral of the magnetic field B along a rectangle defined by the four black dots in the picture on the right.

2) Now separate the two wires in the physlet window a little more (see the picture on the left.)
Suppose the current into the page creates a field B at a point midway between the wires, what is the net field, due to both currents at the midpoint (why?)
Estimate the line integral for a closed path for this configuration.

3) Now superpose four into--page currents on top of one another and arrange four out-of-page currents symmetrically around the central into-page current.
What trend do you see?
If the inbound currents completely enclosed the outbound central current (as in the picture on the left), what would you expect the B-field to be outside the outer current?

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