Downloading the Examples       


Download the zip file by clicking here.  Unzip the file into the directory where you want the examples to reside.  You will find three folders.  The classes folder and javascript folders are necessary and are invoked by the applets.  There will also be a folder called Examples.  Inside the Examples folder there is a separate html page for each example.


Open one of the html files in a web browser.  Did the Physlet run properly?  If yes then great!  You can ignore the rest of these instructions.  If not then you probably need to update either your web browser or your VM.  See the next step.


Windows Installation



In order for the VM to be running there must be a check beside the "Java console enabled".  If it is not checked, check it, apply settings and then restart your browser.  Hopefully this will have solved the problem


Some versions Windows XP and some versions of IE 6 were not shipped with a VM.  If you do not have the VM option you will need to to to Microsoft and download a VM


Notice that there is a Java icon just above the Microsoft VM icon.  You will see this if you have the Sun VM installed on your computer.  You can run Physlets with either the Sun or Microsoft VM so if you prefer, uncheck the Microsoft VM and check the Sun VM.








Macintosh Installation


If you have a Mac you must be running OS X in order for Physlets to run.  They do not run under OS 9.