Match The Position Graph

Start Position Matching 1

Start Position Matching 2

Start Position Matching 3

Please wait for the animation to completely load.

Use the mouse to drag the rear bumper of the toy monster truck (the red ball).  The goal of this exercise is to match the position vs. time graphs as shown in the animation (position is given in centimeters and time is given in seconds).    Restart

After you have successfully matched the three position graphs answer the following questions.

1.  Describe, in words, the motion required to replicate Position Graph 1.

2.  How does the motion required to replicate Position Graph 2 differ from the motion for Position Graph 1?

3.  Now consider Position Graph 3.  There are essentially three segments to this graph.  In the first segment you must remain stationary.  In the second segment the graph is down and steep and in the third segment the graph is upward and less steep.  How does the motion differ in the last two segments in terms of direction and speed?