Find the integral.

Expectation Value Exercise #4

Please answer the  following 3 questions regarding the Physlet:

n =  


A particle is in a one-dimensional box of length a=1.  The states shown are normalized.  Shown are Psi and the results of the integrals that give <p> and <p2>.  The results are given in terms of hbar and ( hbar)2, respectively.  Vary n from 1 to 10. 


a. What do you notice about the values of <p> and <p2> as you vary n? 

b.  For n = 1, what is Dp?

c.  If the mass of the particle is m, what is the <En> as as a function of n?


Script by Mario Belloni.
Questions by Mario Belloni.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.