How To Use These Exercises

These exercises are meant for a Junior/Senior-level course in quantum mechanics.  We believe there is a great deal of material that could also be used in a sophomore level course in modern physics.  What are "easier" exercises for quantum students are more challenging "puzzles" for modern physics students.  In addition, there are several exercises that, when combined, could serve as a basis for a modern physics laboratory.  

We believe that there is plenty of material from which to pick and choose.  We prefer to use these materials as Just-in-Time Teaching assignments.  Some exercises are meant as WarmUps before material is covered in class, while others are meant as Puzzles to serve as closure for given topics.  There are also a few more difficult exercises  that can serve to replace traditional problems.  In addition, there are several Demonstration exercises that serve to illustrate a particular topic whether it is covered in the WarmUps and Puzzles or not.