Superposition Exercise #5

Please answer the  following 2 questions regarding the Physlet:

n1 =   n2 =  


A particle is in a one-dimensional box of length a=1.  It is in a normalized superposition of two states.  There is an equal amount of each state.  Shown is Psi and the results of the integral that give <x> and <x2>.  

Vary n1 and n2 keeping n1<n2 to avoid double counting and also avoid n1=n2.  Vary the quantum numbers from 1 to 10. 


  1. What do you notice about <x> and <x2>? Do your results differ from the states that were not a superposition of states?
  2. For n1 = 1 n2 = 2, what is Dx? 


Script by Mario Belloni.
Questions by Mario Belloni.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.