Two Dimensional Well Exercise #3

Please answer the  following 2 questions regarding the Physlet:

 Probability Density 1

 Probability Density 2


Shown is the wave function for two non-interacting and identical (or indistinguishable) particles in a one-dimensional infinite square well (We can call them particles "1" and "2").  One dimension (x) represents one particle  and the other side (y) represents the other particle. You may click-drag around the axes and use a shift-click-drag to zoom.


  1. Given a wave function that looks like: y(x2, x1) = y1(x2)y2(x1), what do the ones and twos (the subscripts) mean?
  2. Which probability density represented above represents a symmetric state and which one an anti-symmetric state.


Script by Mario Belloni.
Questions by Mario Belloni.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.