Wave Function Exercise #1

Please answer the  following 2 questions regarding the Physlet:


The above animations represent possible stationary-state wave functions for potentials in 1 dimension. 


a.  Which of the 9 wave functions could be a stationary-state wave function? Why or why not?

b. In one dimension the units associated with the above wave functions are:

  1. None, it is dimensionless.
  2. 1 / length.
  3. 1 / (length)^1/2.
  4. 1 / (length)^2.
  5. 1 / (length)^3/2.


Question b is inspired by D. Styer, Common Misconceptions Regarding Quantum Mechanics, American Journal of Physics, 64, p. 31-34 (1996).


Script by Mario Belloni.
Questions by Mario Belloni and Larry Cain.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian