Wave Function Exercise #4

Please answer the  following 2 questions regarding the Physlet:


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Show Potential Energy Function B and Psi B Graphs


Shown above, Potential Energy Function A,  is the gravitational potential of a ball above a table.  Below is a similar looking potential energy function called Potential Energy Function B.  You may choose an n from 1 to 10 then click the Wave Function for Potential Energy Function B link to see that state.   Two questions further test the understanding of the relationship between the wave function and the potential energy function. 


1. Do the wave functions for Potential Energy Function B look like wave functions you have seen before?  If so, for what potential energy functions?

2. What do you think the wave functions for Potential Energy Function A look like?  Be as explicit and as complete as possible.


Script by Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian.
Questions by Mario Belloni.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.