Brownian Motion

Speed Energy


Kinetic theory predicts that particles in thermal equilibrium have the same average kinetic energy.   This holds true regardless of the size and mass of the particle.  In this simulation, the red particle has 40x the mass of the smaller particles.  The green test particle has the same mass as the blue particles but has been tagged as a data source in order to communicate with other applets.



Features of this Script

This page contains two Physlets that are able to share data using a data connection.  This script tags two particles as data sources and connects these data sources to two different series in the DataGraph Physlet.  Since data connections can be used to process the data using analytic functions, either the speed or kinetic energy can be displayed.

Required Resources

Jar files:  Animator4_.jar, Bar4_.jar, DataTable4_.jar, Filters4_.jar, STools4.jar
Images:  none


Script by Wolfgang Christian
Questions by Wolfgang Christian.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.