Cylinder Crush

Note: Simulation will run for 100 seconds.


A heavy ball with an initial kinetic energy of 4000 J is trapped inside a box with rigid walls containing a cylinder constructed of small light-weight hard disks.  The ball crashes into this cylinder and breaks it apart.  The bar graph at the right and the table at the bottom display the kinetic energy of the large ball.


Use the simulation above to answer the following questions.


Script Features

This script creates an n particle ensemble.

After particles are created, their properties can be changed.

Individual particles can send their state variables (x, y, vx, vy) to other Physlets by creating a data source.

Required Resources

Jar files:  Engine4_.jar, DataGraph4_.jar, STools4.jar
Images:  none


Script by Wolfgang Christian
Questions by Wolfgang Christian.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.