Two-Dimensional Diatomic Model



This simulation shows a two-dimensional model of a diatomic molecule using hard disks connected by a spring.  Each disk interacts with the walls  via a strong short-range repulsive force.  The mass ratio of the two disks is 1:4.  You may drag either mass at any time but this will change the internal energy.

The brown bar on the right displays the total kinetic energy of both masses.  The blue bar displays the energy stored in the spring.


Be sure to consider the two-dimensional nature of the above simulation.


Features of this Script

This script demonstrates the use of the following methods:

The Multiplexer filter is used to collect x and y data from the two masses in order calculate the potential energy.

Required Resources

Jar files:  Animator4_.jar, Bar4_.jar, DataTable4_.jar, Filters4_.jar, STools4.jar
Images:  none


Script by Wolfgang Christian
Questions by Wolfgang Christian.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.