Time Average

Velocity Energy





Features of this Script

This example makes extensive use of data filters.  (A data filter is a Physlet that takes data from a data source, processes or transforms the data, and passes the processed data to another Physlet.)  The red and the green particles each send their state datum (e.g., a state datum for a particle in the Molecular package contains the variables t, x, y, vx, vy, m) to two data filters at every clock tick.  The Histogram filter sorts this data into bins while the Accumulator data filter stores this data to produce a data set.  All four filters than pass this data on to DataGraphs for display.

Required Resources

Jar files: DataGraph4_.jar, Filters4_.jar, Molecular4_.jar, STools4.jar
Images:  none


Script by Wolfgang Christian
Questions by Wolfgang Christian.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.