Single Particle


A single particle is allowed to bounce in a box with two fixed particles.  A velocity measurement is made every tenth of a second and a histogram is constructed from these measurements.



Since the energy of the particle is constant, the speed, but not the direction, or the particle is constant.  Project randomly oriented  vectors of constant length onto the x axis to obtain the histogram.

A single particle with constant energy and random direction is isomorphic with a simple harmonic oscillator.  The histograms will be identical.

Features of this Script

This script makes extensive use of inter-applet communication.  The moving particle is a Physlet data source that generates x, y, vx, and vy values.  These values are passed to the histogram filter.  This filter sorts the incoming data into the appropriate bins and then passes the resulting histogram to the DataGraph Physlets.

Required Resources

Jar files:  DataGraph4_.jar, Filters4_.jar, Molecular4_.jar, STools4.jar
Images:  none


Script by Wolfgang Christian
Questions by Wolfgang Christian.
Java applets by Wolfgang Christian.