Tour of Physlets: Example 12

Position Velocity Momentum Acceleration Kinetic Energy

Mass of left cart:.  The mass of the right cart is 0.2 kg.

Curriculum authors usually want to process data and to present it in various formats. Over the past year, the functionality of Physlets has been greatly extended using inter-applet communication. This makes it possible to use a modular object-oriented approach for the design of interactive curricular material. Many Physlets, including Animator, are now capable of generating data in response to an internal clock or in response to user actions. This data can then be passed to a bar graph, a table of numeric values, or an x-y graph using one line of JavaScript to establish the communication link. This technique is very flexible since the code to process and present the data are written in an interpreted runtime environment.   This example shows how to combine Animator, DataGraph, and DataTable to present data in three separate formats. An explosion between two carts sends them moving in opposite directions. The velocity of each cart is detailed in the animation, graph, and table simultaneously.

Physlets: Animator, DataGraph, DataTable

Problem by Wolfgang Christian
Script by Wolfgang Christian