Newton's laws Physlet-Based Curriculum

These examples of curricular material appear in Section 8.2. Follow a link on the left to go to the individual Physlet problems found in that section and several bonus problems only available on this CD. Below is a brief description of each animation.

Chapter Problems:

8.2.1: A 1.5 kg block receives a  push and in the process pushes against a 4.5 kg block as shown in animation 1. Conversely, in animation 2, the same 4.5 kg block receives the same push, now from the opposite direction.  8.2.2: A satellite floats at constant speed when, at t=2, its thrusters are suddenly engaged producing a constant force perpendicular to its original motion. 8.2.3: Consider a 2 kg Physics textbook pressed against a wall as shown in the animation (position is in meters and time is in seconds).
8.2.4: A 10.0 kg block sits on a 100 kg block as shown. The surface between the bottom block and the table is frictionless.    


Additional Problems:

8.2.ap 1: A 1 kg block is on a frictionless surface subject to two equal yet opposite forces for 0.25 seconds as shown in the animation.  8.2.ap 2: A 100 kg wagon  with a 10kg block on its a frictionless bed is pulled to the right with a constant force. 
8.2.ap 3: A 10 kg mass is attached via a pulley to another variable mass m. You can test the limits of the formula for the acceleration of an Atwood's machine by changing the ratio of the masses above.  8.2.ap 4:  An elevator travels upward at a constant speed for 5 seconds, and then suffers a catastrophic failure as depicted in the animation. 
8.2.ap 5: Consider a 2 kg Physics textbook pressed against a wall as shown in the animation. 8.2.ap 6: Consider a 2 kg Physics textbook pressed against a wall as shown in the animation. Given that ms = 0.4 and mk = 0.3 between the wall and the textbook.
8.2.ap 7: An elevator accelerates upward for one second, travels at constant velocity, and then decelerates one second prior to reaching its destination such that it comes to rest.  8.2.ap 8: A puck moving on an air hockey table at constant speed receives a momentary "push" in the +y direction at x=0 as shown in each of the animations below.