Momentum Physlet-Based Curriculum

These examples of curricular material appear in Section 8.5. Follow a link on the left to go to the individual Physlet problems found in that section and several bonus problems only available on this CD. Below is a brief description of each animation.

Chapter Problems:

8.5.1: A ball and a flower pot of identical mass fall from the same height and strike a table. 8.5.2: A collision is shown in the above animation.  8.5.3: A spring is attached to a cart on an air track. With the spring compressed and locked, the cart is brought into contact with another cart. When the spring is released, the carts travel as shown in the animation. 


Additional Problems:

8.5.ap 1: A  0.5 kg ball on an air track is attached to a compressed spring (at x=0 the spring is unstretched) as shown in the animation.  8.5.ap 2: A 2 kg hammer strikes a 1.5 gram nail as shown in the animation.
8.5.ap 3:Two cars of identical mass and initial velocity collide with identical walls. 8.5.ap 4: A green block sits on a red block as shown in the animation. The all surfaces are frictionless.