Magnetic Field 9.6: Additional Problem 1


A wire carrying an unknown current is shown above. An external magnetic field that has constant magnitude and direction is applied to the top half of the simulation (The gray rectangle is at the boundary for your reference).  In addition, there is the magnetic field produced by the current in the wire.  The direction arrows show the vector sum of these two fields.  (The color of the direction arrows represents the magnitude of the field as before.)    Observe the force vector and the force/length in the yellow message box in the lower left hand corner. 


 Find the current in the wire by click-dragging the wire into the external field if the external field has a magnitude of 2 Tesla. Start


 -1.5 A into the plane of the simulation.


See Giancoli-PA: 20-5, Giancoli-SE: 27-3.


Physlet problem authored by Mario Belloni.

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