The same Java applet is used as in Exercise Set 1. The boxes to the left of the applet allow you to enter values for various wave parameters. Enter decimal numbers only. After typing a number in a box, click outside the box in order for the change to take effect.  Scroll down for problems.

  1. Click on the Forward tab to start the waves moving. The amplitudes and wavelengths are both in the ratio 2:1. Why must the frequencies be in the ratio 1:2?
  2. Try changing the frequency of g(x,t) to 3. What else must you change?
  3. Keeping f(x,t) the same, make all necessary changes to g(x,t) in order that the superposition of the two waves will be a standing wave. Once you have a standing wave, list all the parameters selected for each wave.
  4. Make a change to the frequency of f(x,t). What change must you make to the frequency of g(x,t) in order to restore a standing wave?
  5. If you have time, work with the wave equations directly. Try changing a constant to see how that changes the corresponding wave. Can you figure out what each constant in the equation represents?