ORBIT ved www.systime.dkMotion - introduction

In the down left corner You'll see the statusbar. Right now it probably says something like: 'Opening file C://...' etc. or 'Java-applet startet'. If You hold Your mouse over this text and keep an eye on the statusbar, it should bring up a message. In this and the following exercises we will use the statusbar as a solutionbar for the exercises.

Test A: What's 12*12?   (Answer).

Test B: Who received the Nobel Price in physics in 1997?   (Answer).


During this section You'll be able to answer the question asked beneath (assume position is in meters and time is in seconds):

With what velocity is the jet flying?

(You will soon get a guide for this problem).

Start the animation



We will define velocity as the covered displacement per unit time, that is:



In the formula Ds is the covered dispacement during the time interval Dt.

1. Start the animation.
As You see, every second a mark is put on the jets trail.

2. Now You can measure the covered distance between two marks.

3. Finally You can calculate the jets velocity in the time interval from t = 2 s to t = 4 s.



In the next exercise You must perform the time and position measurements Yourself.

For that purpose You'll need the navigation buttons placed just beneath the java-applet.

Start the animation.
Press the 'Reset' button and use the other buttons to wind the animation forward to the exact time
t = 1 s. By click-dragging the mouse within the image window You should be able to read the position of the horses eye.   (Answer)

Then step the time 1 s further, read the position and calculate the velocity of the horse.   (Answer)



Let's turn back to the first animation (which has been slightly changed) :

With what velocity is the jet flying?

Start the animation


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