Teaching and Learning Physics with World Wide Web Technology

The WebPhysics project was started by Wolfgang Christian and Gregor Novak during the spring of 1995. Testing of these documents and other WWW curricular material will begin during the '95-'96 academic year at Davidson College and IUPUI. This page may be under construction for the next few years!

For more information on the WebPhysics curriculum development project and how to set up a WebPhysics server, contact Wolfgang Christian or Gregor Novak. You may also wish to browse HTML versions of recent WebPhysics talks.

Note: Since we are experimenting with web technology (such as Java and JavaScript) some documents may not render properly on all browsers. Try both Netscape 4.04 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or above if these documents do not render properly with your viewer.

Please register in our guest book to obtain information about WebPhysics.  You can view also attend WebPhysics and   JiTT workshops at AAPT meetings.

Course Material Links to curriculum material for current Davidson physics course offerings.
Student work Student home pages. Look for links to online student work such as honor's theses and lab reports.
Computational Physics Resources and tools developed by Davidson College faculty to teach computational physics to undergraduates. Further links to course material, previous student projects and the Delphi Science Tools.
Physlets Small, single concept Java applets designed for teaching physics.
CIP Software Computers in Physics Educational Software Contest winners. Links to the software and to the on-line manuals.
WebPhysics Information about the WebPhysics project and links to other WebPhysics servers. Be sure and check out the new JiTT site.

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