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I'm a senior physics major at Davidson Collge, of Davidson, North Carolina. After I graduate next year, I hope to go to grad school and study sustainable agriculture or alternative energy. Graduate schools which seem like good places to pursue these fields include Berkeley, Princeton, Cornell, and Colorado State University.

Current Work

Right now, I'm enjoying being a student. This (being a student) entails studying (physics & math), working on my honors project (a continuation of last summer's work, below), and contributing basically nothing to the economy.

Last Summer's Work

Last summer, I was working at the Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) in Syracuse, NY. My project was an ion trapping simulation in High Performance Fortran (HPF). The goals of this computational physics simulation were two-fold --- first, I wanted to look at the physics of the system. Secondly, we wanted to test the capabilities of HPF for computationally intenstive applications. Here's a link to my proposal if you'd like more information. Or you could take a look at this poster .

Interests & Things I Like to Do

Susan L. Fischer
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School tel.: (704) 896-6333
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