Physlets hydrogen (n=8, l=3, m=0)

Welcome to the Physlets resource page. Physlets, Physics Applets, are small flexible Java applets designed for science education.  You do not need to become a Java expert in order to use Physlets.  The links on the right contain tutorials, download instructions, and example problems to help you use Physlets in your teaching.

Java Update

Physlet resources for teaching are now on ComPADRE.

You will be re-directed to the
Physlet Physics 3E site on ComPADRE
which has resources for teaching that
run in modern browsers
run on computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

The resources on this page require Java applet functionality, which is no longer supported.

If you have not been redirected,

click here:

  • The Third Editions of our two Physlet-based Curriculum
    books are now available on ComPADRE for:

(a) modern physics and quantum mechanics courses see the Physlet Quantum Physics 3E book (over 200 exercises)

(b) introductory physics courses see the Physlet Physics 3E book (over 800 exercises)

The applet on the right is a Physlet.  It simulates the relativistic and non-relativistic Doppler effect.



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